Sunday, June 29, 2008

One hurdle down, many more to go

Just a quick update; after some re-reading of the MPEG2 spec, debugging, and clean up I've finally got correct output for the MC stage for progressive video clips that use frame based and field based motion prediction. There are two other motion prediction methods, 16x8 and dual-prime, but they don't seem to be too common and shouldn't be too hard to implement anyway. It took a bit of tweaking, but comparing the output to that of other media players I see no difference, which means one hurdle down. Next steps are to revisit IDCT and start working with real hardware.

Here are some screen grabs from various test clips:

Construction site on a field.
Windmill in the middle of a field of yellow flowers.
Coffee mug containing two pens and a feather.
Woman on the phone.

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Anonymous said...


I'm very much looking forward to your work on your SOC project, in my mind it's surely one of most important projects happening around linux and video currently.

This feeling is apparently shared by others as well, namely by one 'Dr_Jacob', a TG employed Gallium3D hacker. He'd like to hear about your (possible) problems with the Gallimu3D API. See the following IRC backlog:

I recall that you earlier wrote about some problems with the Gallium3D API, this could be an opportunity to change things for the better....

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